best windshield washer fluidThe best windshield washer fluid can always make your windshield crystal clear leaving without a speck of dirt or stain.

Fluid with antifreeze are the best choices to prevent liquid stored in the reservoir from freezing during extreme cold conditions.

It should be able to wash out dirt like dead bugs, dust, sleet, mud, rainwater specks and even melt out thin sheet of snow to maintain a clear view through your windshield.

Below is the list of the best windshield washer fluids we have found at Amazon. All are effective, safe to use, earned a lot of good reviews and very efficient.

Best Windshield Washer Fluid for 2017

ImageModel NamePriceOur RatingAvailability
Rain-X RX11806D Washer Fluid AdditiveRain-X RX11806D Washer Fluid Additive$5 star
nextzett 92100815 Kristall Klar Washer Fluid Concentratenextzett 92100815 Kristall Klar Washer Fluid Concentrate$$5 star
303 (230371) Instant Windshield Washer, 25 Tablet303 (230371) Instant Windshield Washer, 25 Tablet$$5 star
Prestone AS257 Bug Wash Windshield Washer Fluid - 1 GallonPrestone AS257 Bug Wash Windshield Washer Fluid - 1 Gallon$$$4 star
Caf Sqd5 Quick Dissolve Windshield Washer MixCaf Sqd5 Quick Dissolve Windshield Washer Mix$4 star
Prestone AS259 All Season Windshield Washer Fluid - 1 GallonPrestone AS259 All Season Windshield Washer Fluid - 1 Gallon$4.5 star
Prestone AS250 De-Icer Windshield Washer FluidPrestone AS250 De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid$4.5 star
Prestone AS240 Windshield Washer Fluid Booster De-Icer AdditivePrestone AS240 Windshield Washer Fluid Booster De-Icer Additive$4 star
950ml / 32 oz Bottle of Pure Methanol Racing Biodiesel Gasoline Antifreeze Windshield Wiper Fluid950ml / 32 oz Bottle of Pure Methanol Racing Biodiesel Gasoline Antifreeze Windshield Wiper Fluid$$$5 star

Rain-X RX11806D Washer Fluid Additive

Rain X RX11806D Washer Fluid AdditiveThis product can be added to any existing washer fluid so no don’t need to worry about mixing up chemicals that can corrode your car engine’s internal system.

This uses the water beading technology that can protect your windshield against mineral deposits that is left by rain water so it essentially repels water and can also ease out sleet and snow as well as wash out dead bugs that have splat out on your windshield.

The Rain-X will surely improve your driving visibility and no need to get out of the car to clean your windshield off with sleet during cold weather. It has an antifreeze component that instantly liquefies sleet when sprayed it. With the detergent that’s mixed with the solution, your windshield will look like it’s been through a car wash.

Just a note though: old fluid must be cleaned out before pouring this product into the reservoir. Or it could form into gel if its component binds with the old stocked chemicals.

Nextzett 92100815 Kristall Klar Washer Fluid Concentrate

Nextzett 92100815 Kristall Klar Washer Fluid ConcentrateThis is an imported concentrate so you better follow the directions of mixing it with distilled water. This bottle can make 7 gallons of effective washer fluid that can protect your windshield in many ways. It can remove grime, bugs and dirt without leaving any trace of haze.

As it makes the surface smooth, it polishes your windshield reducing the skips and shudders of the wipers thus preventing the wiper blades from wear and tear. Note that this does not contain antifreeze elements.

With a very refreshing scent of citrus, this washer fluid is all you need. It contains water softeners so even you used, tap water there won’t be any residue formation in your washer tank.

All it does is cleanse out your windshield, making it fully dirt and stain free and making your wiper do their work so smoothly.

This product is biodegradable, ammonia and phosphate-free so it won’t cause any corrosion to chrome, paint, plastic or rubber in any part of your windshield or hood.

Unfortunately, it’s not for very cold or hot areas. It is suitable for use during fair weather or light cold weather that does not reach freezing point.

303 (230371) Instant Windshield Washer, 25 Tablet

303-(230371) Instant Windshield Washer, 25 TabletThese 25 tablets can make up to 1 gallon effective washer fluid for each tablet. This is in super-concentrated form which is actually 3 times stronger the ordinary washer fluids.

Very simple and easy to use and you can store it in your glove compartment. Get a one gallon container, fill it with distilled water, break one tablet in two and drop it there.

Shake the container a little till the tablet completely dissolve and that’s it, you have an efficient windshield washer fluid that can even surpass the cleaning power of most pre-diluted washer fluids.

Very economical, very efficient and can totally dissolve decayed bugs, and films of dirt and grime that’s accumulating in your windshield. It does not contain antifreeze so you can add the mixed solution to your washer fluid with antifreeze for additional cleaning action.

In terms of economical use, easy storage, and concentrated feature, these tablets can be your best windshield washer even on the dry form. It’s made of biodegradable elements that are non-toxic and won’t damage rubber and paint on contact.

May not totally dissolve if you drop it directly on water reservoir which can clog the neck of your reservoir. Does not contain any antifreeze element and solution can freeze below 32 F.

Prestone AS257 Bug Wash Windshield Washer Fluid – 1 Gallon

Prestone AS257 Bug Wash Windshield Washer Fluid-1-GallonThis imported product can be your best windshield washer fluid if you hate to see those thick bird droppings, bug residues and hardy tree sap sitting on your windshield.

All these dirt are the product’s favorite targets and can easily eliminate them all. It also produces a streak-free shine on your glass.

Any dirt that has been the usual problems of car owners including off-road vehicle owners have problems about road grime and insect residues that are hard to wash off but this solution can take them all out.

The special formula that this Prestone product has is very strong it can easily soften deep-seated dirt on the windshield including tree sap that holds like paint. However, you must let the liquid sit for about 30 seconds to soften the dirt before wiping it off with the wipers.

It has a citrus scent so your windshield will literally smell so clean and fresh every after squirt, but does not have an antifreeze formula but can be added to a de-icer solution or any fluid with antifreeze elements.

This does not contain antifreeze but only a cleaning washer fluid at its best. So be aware that this could freeze below 32 Fahrenheit.

Caf Sqd5 Quick Dissolve Windshield Washer Mix

Caf Sqd5 Quick Dissolve Windshield Washer MixThis product is in concentrated form and sachets. You don’t need to measure water at all because you can just pour one sachet on the water reservoir, fill it up with distilled water and it’s good to go.

If you already have a solution in the reservoir, you can just add this and put more water in to fill up the tank with water and it will quickly dissolve. Very economical as it can save you up to 75% from buying 1-gallon pre-mix washing solution.

The advanced cleaning formula of this product enables it to dissolve dead and hardened bugs on your windshield as well as bird droppings and grime. The large pouch includes 5 small pouches that you can pour each sachet directly into the reservoir to ease out accumulated dirt.

This, however, is not for winter use as it may freeze on freezing point and it doesn’t have the best scent as well.

Prestone AS259 All Season Windshield Washer Fluid

Prestone AS259 All Season Windshield Washer Fluid-1-GallonThis solution has a combination of bug wash technology and de-icer to stop it from freezing and able to melt ice on the windshield while cleaning out dead bugs stuck on the glass.

It’s specially formulated to melt out tough dirt like tree sap, dried bugs and grime your windshield gets all year round maintenance and you won’t have to mix it with anything.

This Prestone product can be your all-season reliable windshield washer fluid for the whole year including the cold season or winter.

It has a high amount of methanol which effectively melts ice on contact while maintaining the fluidity of what’s left in the reservoir.

All you need to do is to maintain a good amount of the solution in the reservoir and you won’t worry anymore thin sheet of snow will be blocking your view while driving.

Its high methanol content means you have to take precautions in pouring it. Avoid inhaling the fumes. Some people also don’t like its strong smell.

Prestone AS250 De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid

Prestone AS250 De Icer Windshield Washer FluidDe-Icer windshield washer fluids are formulated to quickly melt out thin sheets of ice and frost that have formed on your car’s windshield and these are dangerous natural elements that can block your view during driving.

This Prestone product is specially made for this job. You just squeeze the wiper control to squirt the liquid out, wait for few seconds and wipe the frost out and that’s it, you get a very clear view from the inside.

This formula is best to use during heavy haze and very cold weather that makes our cars’ windshield to form cloudy streak or thin sheets of snow that can block our view.

High with antifreeze formula, it can quickly defrost the snow and the cleaning solution will help clean out the suds and give you a cleaner windshield. It can also be used be used as a pure solution.

Prestone AS240 Windshield Washer Fluid Booster De-Icer Additive

Prestone AS240 Windshield Washer Fluid Booster De Icer AdditiveThis work almost the same as the Prestone AS250 but you can use this as an additive to whatever washer fluid you are using.

It has a low freezing point by at least 20 degrees which means it retains its liquid form up to this point and can melt frost and light ice on contact.

With this, you can drive on a freeway frost-free and no need to get out of your car and wipe out frost anymore especially in the middle of a heavy snowfall.

This has the combination of ice-melting alcohols that make it an effective de-icer additive.

Unlike other washer fluids with antifreeze but still freeze up once the temperature goes beyond the freezing point, this solution provides freezing protection up to -20 degrees Centigrade. It is high in methanol content so be careful in using it.

Bottle of Pure Methanol Racing Biodiesel Gasoline Antifreeze Windshield Wiper Fluid

950ml-32-oz Bottle of Pure Methanol Racing BiodieselIf you want the best windshield washer fluid in concentrated methanol form, this you must try. Its 99.99% methanol content makes it the best de-icer solution and antifreeze agent that can really melt out snow fast.

For safety, it is contained in HDPE bottle with child resistant cap because this can be highly toxic if ingested. Because of its high methanol content, some people in the car racing industry also use it.

This has the most effective antifreeze formula among the de-icer windshield washer fluids being sold today.

It can quickly melt out snow so you better mix it with other solutions with cleaning agent if you don’t have a very icy environment out there.

If you live in an area where heavy snow typically freezes out even metal, this is the fluid you need. You can mix it in a greater amount than the cleaning solution and you will have a frost-free windshield and your car wipers will be moving smoothly.

This is a highly flammable solution so avoid using it during summer.

CRC 05346 Ice-Off Windshield Spray De-Icer – 12 Wt Oz.

CRC 05346If you want a quick-action de-icer that you can apply not only to your windshield but also for your car’s exterior glass, this is the one you need. It can defrost all glass in your car quickly.

Once sprayed, it goes to work instantly and in seconds the thin sheet of ice will melt before your eyes. You just need to wipe the glass clean to see what actually clarity means is. It does not evaporate quickly as well.

Many people are amazed on how much windshield washer fluids can do but these are generally intended to keep them in the car’s fluid reservoir. While not only the windshield that gets the snow and haze, the other glass parts of the car also get the unwanted stuff.

So here comes the product that you can spray directly on all of your car’s glass part and it will work wonders.

And here’s good news, if your car lock gets frozen and you can’t open it, spray this right where it reaches the lock, wait for few minutes and there you go, your lock is defrosted and will work as it should be.

What’s A Windshield Wiper Fluid?

Windshield water fluids work as windshield liquid detergents using the car’s wipers.

By pouring the liquid into its reservoir located under the hood of the car, it’s so easy to squirt out the liquid from inside the car and wipe out the dirt even while driving.

The usual antifreeze component of most windshield washer fluids is methanol. Methanol has a low freezing point so even in winter the washer liquid can maintain its liquid form.

However, this is very toxic to humans and animals when inhaled so it’s not simply going to an automotive store and buying a washer fluid if you want it with antifreeze. You must also check out the concentration of the methanol and other chemicals that are in the liquid.

Windshield washer fluids come in two forms: a liquid that is concentrated or pre-mixed for ready to use and the tablet forms (or crystals) which you have to dissolve in distilled water and must follow proper dilution ratio.

Pre-Purchase Considerations

Here are the things you should consider when buying windshield washer fluids:

  • Choose a fluid that is formulated for the climate you live in. You can find the “all season” types which are generally the most popular or the winter types which can maintain its liquid form up to -40 degrees Centigrade (-40 Fahrenheit). There are also the de-icer solutions which you can add to your washer fluid and works as antifreeze.
  • Prefer a liquid that has low methanol content if you live in not so frigid areas. Methanol is an effective antifreeze component on windshield washer fluids but very toxic. It can also heat up quickly under extreme heat.
  • Check also for a fluid with ethanol winter formula or ethylene glycol (EG) that is pre-mixed with distilled water. Both have antifreeze components while EG also has a polishing formula that can polish your windshield clean.
  • There is also the ethanol (isopropanol) formulated washer fluid. Ethanol is a light form of methanol.If you will prefer the concentrated or crystal form, make sure you follow the dilution ratio properly based on the weather your car lives.
  • If you will prefer the concentrated or crystal form, make sure you follow the dilution ratio properly based on the weather your car lives.Below is the list of the best windshield washer fluids we have found at Amazon. All are effective, safe to use, earned a lot of good reviews and very efficient.

Wrapping Up

Choosing now the best windshield washer fluid won’t be hard considering that we have provided you the best products found online which people largely rely on.

Different countries have different seasons so it’s up to you which of these great products will provide you the best solution to your problem with your windshields. Again, use these products especially the ones with high methanol content with caution.