best car waxCar waxes are generally made from carnauba wax (for deep shine) that comes from palm oil and animal waxes like beeswax (for paint protection).

These natural ingredients are insoluble to water, can withstand high melting point and if combined with synthetic elements can produce durable protection and glossy appeal for every car’s paint finish.

However, people should never mistake car waxes from car polishes. Car waxes are for car paint’s protection from the environments but can also provide the glossy shine. Car polishes provide cars the deep blue shine but protection is minimal and application is more regular.

In essence, the best car wax can really provide more benefits to your car and a lot of car waxes are now out there.

But which are actually the best for your cars? Here are the guides on the types of car wax available and also the best car waxes that you can rely on.

The Best Car Wax List for 2017

ImageModel NamePriceOur RatingAvailability
Zymol Z-503Zymol Z-503$$4.5 star
Turtle Wax Carnauba Cleaner Wax T-5Turtle Wax Carnauba Cleaner Wax T-5$$$4 star
Mothers 05750 California Gold Pure Brazilian Carnauba Liquid WaxMothers 20011 FX SynWax Paste - 11 oz.$$4.5 star
Turtle Wax Ice T-465Turtle Wax Ice T-465$$4.5 star
Nceonshop(TM) Mothers 20016 FX SynWax Liquid - 16 ozNonstop(TM) Mothers 20016 FX SynWax Liquid - 16 oz$$4 star
3M One Step Cleaner Wax 39006$$4 star
Eagle One Gel Wax With Carnauba 705110Eagle One Gel Wax With Carnauba 705110$4.5 star
Mothers California Gold Carnauba Cleaner Wax 05500Mothers California Gold Carnauba Cleaner Wax 05500$$4.5 star
Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wax 05701Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wax 05701$4.5 star
Turtle Wax Carnauba Cleaner Wax T-6ATurtle Wax Carnauba Cleaner Wax T-6A$4 star

Zymol Z-503

Zymol Z-503This cleaner wax obviously has two purposes: for polishing and protecting your car paints.

Its ingredients are all natural so no worries you’ll be applying harsh chemicals to your car. Even the chalcedony crystals which job is to clean out dirt that is included with the ingredients are in very low content that it won’t cause even slight scratches to the paint.

If you want to protect your car paint from UV rays and at the same time wants to clean off the accumulated dirt on the paint, this is the product you can depend on.

Considered by many to be the best car wax that can do both cleaning and polishing plus full protection from the sun, rain, and dirt, this product can give you all you need for your precious car. Very easy to apply and has a pleasant smell.

It is, however, more expensive than other popular brands. Applying the wax is a bit tedious as well because it has to be spread evenly and you have to follow a straight line in buffing. It also doesn’t just take single buffing.

Turtle Wax Carnauba Cleaner Wax T-5

Turtle Wax Carnauba Cleaner Wax T-5For those who want the best car wax and a cleaner wax two-in-one, this product is the one you should try.

Made by Turtle Wax, you can trust this product all over. The main target of this wax is to protect your car finish from fading that is caused by UV rays and also to clean off dirt when applying it.

It offers the best protection for your car paint and leaving it with deep shine. The coat is very durable, repels water and even pollutants cannot penetrate the coat wax finish.

It can also protect your car’s paint finish from harmful UV rays which is usually the cause of fading. Available at very affordable price and a single application can last for a year.

It’s no actually made from pure Carnauba so it not advisable to apply on plastics, synthetic fibers or materials with cloth.

You also need to let it haze a bit before polishing.

Mothers 20011 FX SynWax Paste – 11 oz.

This wax provides good protection while giving the deep shine you want for your car.

It spreads quickly and removal is easy and can protect your paint from harmful UV rays and other pollutants. For those who don’t like to use liquid wax, this product they must try.

This is synthetic wax and has no Carnauba component that may leave white spots if improperly applied.

It is also a sealant that can cover tiny scratches and no need for dusting off dirt as it repels dirt. The application process is fairly easy and this comes with a foam applicator.

Finally, it can form powdery residues with constant use. With too much rain, the wax may wash off little by little.

Turtle Wax Ice T-465

Turtle Wax Ice T-465Made of silicone polymers and synthetic waxes, this Turtle product provides really deep gloss that will last for months.

Consumers like its properties since it won’t harm plastic or even rubber so you can apply it practically on your car’s exteriors.

The mixture of wax acts as UV inhibitors so you can leave your car under the sun without worries. Many consumers see it as the best car wax at Amazon.

This synthetic wax can really dry fast while leaving incredible smooth finish on your car’s paint.

It doesn’t leave also any chalky residue but only smooth finish and compatible with all solid materials found on car’s exteriors. It doesn’t cause stain either.

Application twice a year could be enough so it’s very economical to use. Also, comes with an applicator and microfiber towel.

It is a bit pricey and people find its gloss short of expectations. Does not spread easily especially on wet weather and a bit hard to remove. It doesn’t have a cleaning formula as well which most synthetic car waxes have.

Nonstop(TM) Mothers 20016 FX SynWax Liquid – 16 oz

Nceonshop(TM) Mothers 20016 FX SynWax Liquid – 16 ozAs a liquid, this synthetic car wax is made to spread quickly and for easy application.

It provides a high gloss surface like the wet look and also protects your car against UV effects. Unlike with pastes or wax types that could pose problems in removing it, this product makes removing a very easy task.

The easy application feature would seem very positive for most consumers as well as its UV maximum protection that can last for a good month.

After this, you can re-wax your car or simply wash the old wax away and the wax is a breeze washing it off. The smell is also not pungent and it doesn’t cause stains on wood or concrete.

Shine and gloss don’t last too long against frequent harsh rain and sun. If accidentally poured on cloths, it can resist most detergents because the wax would be absorbed quickly by the cloth.

3M One Step Cleaner Wax 39006

3M One Step Cleaner Wax 39006This 3M product is made of Carnauba wax for protection against UV rays, removing fine scratches, swirl marks and even small rusty surfaces that are signs of oxidation leaving the paint with deep glossy finish.

It can be applied manually or with a machine leaving a layer of protection against dust, rain sediments and stains.

Talk about a breezy application, this product is very easy to apply. Inspite of its cheap price, the way it can remove small scratches and even signs of rusting is truly phenomenal.

It can even erase water spots and swirl marks which were left by your other waxes or polishes. Best in paint restoration, there’s no need for elbow grease (hard and vigorous polishing) anymore.

It’s not durable like some consumers say and only retain its gloss for few months. Not recommended to use on fiberglass as it might leave a hazy residue.

Lastly, it’s hard to remove on dark-colored vehicles and may create white smears on non-painted surfaces.

Eagle One Gel Wax With Carnauba 705110

Eagle One Gel Wax With Carnauba 705110This Gel wax is one of a kind. With carnauba to give paints the waxy, deep polished look, it won’t leave powdery residues even with constant use.

Users admire this product because they can minimize its use for at least twice a year. It doesn’t haze quickly and very easy to apply too.

And the best part is it fills in fine scratches and swirls.

With carnauba made into a gel, waxing is now easier with this gel product. Far from other waxes in liquid or paste forms, the gel basically doesn’t dry or haze quickly but only glides which makes it easy to apply and let it penetrate into the paint. That’s what gives the shine. Use microfiber for maximum shine and better use this on shaded area.

Because gel waxes are not very common, most consumers are confused how to use this to maximize its potentials. It’s better to use as a finisher wax for maximum shine but not on old cars with rugged paints.

Mothers California Gold Carnauba Cleaner Wax 05500

Mothers California Gold Carnauba Cleaner Wax 05500Made by Mothers, this wax serves two purposes: to clean and protect.

It can resist high heat without affecting its gloss and can remove embedded dirt on your paint.

Made with carnauba for long-lasting deep shine, it can also be effective for fiberglass and gel coats.

Consumers love the gloss and shine this product delivers and even with extreme heat and cold, the gloss remains. It can even erase swirls you are giving your car during washing. Made into a paste it is best to apply panel-by-panel to avoid drying the paste all over your car.

Even with first application, you can see a lot of improvement in your car paint and you can also use it to shine fiberglass panel in your car’s exterior. A lot of consumers consider this as the best car wax when it comes to erasing swirls on car paints.

On the flipside, this can be difficult to apply for individuals who are not familiar in using paste wax. It should not be left to dry or can cause issues on paints and that spells a lot of grease elbow.

Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wax 05701

Mothers California Gold Carnauba Wax 05701This possesses the quality of Mothers wax products. It protects, polishes and cleans dirt all-in-one application.

The carnauba wax will take care of the glossy shine and provide heat-resistant quality to your car. With regular use, this can provide even better protection and can be used to protect fiberglass and gel coats as well.

An inexpensive product you can always trust to give your car an even shine and complete protection from UV lights. You can also apply it regardless of the weather condition, anytime, anywhere.

It’s very easy to apply and formulated to clean off stains and dirt embedded in your car paint. Regarded as an authentic best car wax, this is also very economical to use and you don’t have to wax regularly.

Turtle Wax Carnauba Cleaner Wax T-6A

Turtle Wax Carnauba Cleaner Wax T-6AThis product is one of the most recommended car waxes among the Turtle products – the T-6A.

This is because according to a lot of consumers, it can even turn old paint into nice-looking paint and new paints will really shine.

Aside from that, it is also very easy to apply and really do its job in protecting car paint against dirt and UV rays.

Made with carnauba oil mixed with superior cleaning formulas, this really shows what superb cleaning really is.

Like providing a resilient barrier that protects the surface of your car from damaging UV rays, this product will stay long on your car’s surface. Most reviewers like the easy application process and the excellent result can stay for months while the car is also protected from dirt. However, this should not be used on wood, vinyl or flat paint.

It’s not the best wax to cover fine scratches. It dries easily if apply under hot sun and can cause hard to remove spots on paints if left for few minutes without buffing.

Types of Car Waxes to Consider: Pros and Cons

Liquid Car Waxes

Best for cleaning car surfaces and can put gloss on paint and also durable.

However, it is bad news if there’s a lot of wind or if the weather is too hot when applying the liquid as it is highly volatile. Liquid waxes also need a lot of buffing to achieve the perfect outcome.

Paste Car Waxes

Very easy to apply but can also dry in minutes if under the hot sun but not necessarily needed to be buffed quickly during good weather. A lot of buffing is needed to produce the car’s shiny look, though.

Spray Car Waxes

Nice choice if you want to produce amazing finishes with your new car.

It is also easy to use, don’t harm plastic and ideal for spot waxing. However these don’t last long on cars so you need to be patient in applying it every now and then.

Gel Car Waxes

Not really the popular form but with the best brand, its formulas is the same as with other forms.

The good thing about the gels is that they don’t run or drip over like liquid, don’t haze easily like paste and very easy to apply it can be spread evenly and quickly.


So you see not all car wax are the same. The best car wax brand can be topped by another brand.

So it’s your choice which among these top selling car wax would provide you the advantages you need in packages. You also have to know tips on how to use the types of car wax properly.